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An online program designed to help you get, and keep, the best body of your life so you can HAVE your best life….

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This program fits your schedule.  You’ve got a live coach leading you through and live peers cheering you on…

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A healthy diet and exercise routine that fits into your LIFE – and the power to take the BEST CARE of your SELF for the rest of your life….

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Join the ranks of people who know- You CAN be healthy, look and feel great without giving up the life that you love!


*People have told me they’ve gotten into the best shape of their life after this course. But everyone’s results are different. And remember, just signing up won’t get you results – you get out of it what you put into it.

I can guarantee that you’ll have all the tools and tricks you need in order to get, and keep, the best body of your life!  If you fully participate in the course and don’t feel like you’ve gotten any value out of it, I’ll give you your money back. No problem.

What are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose but that extra weight!



luci_bioLuci Gabel, c/o Charles Martin Photography


Hi, I’m Luci, your coach in Mind Body Blast. Founder of LuciFit, LLC, a company that teaches executives, entrepreneurs and otherwise busy people how to create sound and lasting fitness and health habits.

I bring to the table a master’s education in exercise physiology, a bachelor’s education in physical and psychological health, a bachelors’ education in nutrition dietetics, and my life experience in the industry. In this class, I condensed my education and expertise, my own success in staying fit, and my success in working with countless people like yourself, to create an accellerated program to help you put into practice a diet and exercise plan that works in real life, and works long-term.

I speak from experience when I teach clients how to be healthy even while over-scheduled and juggling many things at once. After acquiring two masters’ degrees at the same time, spearheading two start-up businesses, holding senior-level management positions at high-end fitness club/spas, all while maintaining my own peak levels of fitness (to include competing in triathlons and getting a black belt in Tae Kwon Do) I share a unique perspective on business, busy-ness, and how to stay healthy.

By following my lead you will ramp up your exercise, clean up your diet, and have a better mind-body connection to  healthy habits that fit your own body’s needs, fit into your busy life, and can last a lifetime.  All of this for just a fraction of what you’d pay for my private coaching sessions in any other format.

(The pictures on right and left are me, done by Charles in Washington DC. I didn’t do anything special to take the picture on the right. I was simply following the principles I teach in this class).

Please feel free to Contact Me with any questions you have about this course.

mbb_melanie Within the first couple of weeks of MBB, things started heading in a much better direction and now I feel incredible! My clothes fit so much better and I look a lot better in them. I am a lot more confident about how I look and my energy level is also so much higher than it has ever been.

In terms of fitness, I can’t believe what can be achieved with exercises that take minutes. I would always think to myself, “That’s it?? How can that make a difference?” but it does! My goal was to run a 5k injury-free. Luci was able to help me with my injury within the first week. I was not only able to achieve my goals, but I performed so much better than expected. I’ve continued to progress and I am now training for a half-marathon which is something that I never thought was a possibility for me. Thanks to this class, I am the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life!

She showed us how adding healthy food didn’t have to be boring and could be so delicious that you don’t even realize how healthy you’re eating. I now look forward to my healthy food. The changes were not only helpful for me, but for my entire family including my small children.

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Within the first couple of weeks of MBB, things started heading in a much better direction Within the first couple of weeks of MBB, things started heading in a much better direction


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