Families dot comMind Body Blast is an eCourse designed to get you started on your way in just six weeks.

The course is not just another diet program as the focus is learning the path of healthy choices which result in a healthy body. Exercise, tips, education on nutrition, and making wise dietary decisions are part of the course. The course is also not a cover to buy equipment, supplements, prepackaged diet foods or DVDs. The course is about education, guidance and motivation.

Luci Gabel, your fitness coach for this adventure, is highly qualified to get you on track and healthy…. In addition to all her experience she is a lovely person. During your time, you will have the opportunity to speak with her directly about any questions or concerns you have.

As with any fitness plan you need to be at a place where you are willing to make the changes. No one can make that happen for you. You will need to put forth the effort to make this or any program succeed. Mind Body Blast will provide a better chance at success. Luci is knowledgeable, compassionate, and attentive. If you have any concerns or need any advice just ask on the forum and she is quick to reply. She is truly with you for the entire six weeks. You will not feel alone and you will have accountability. If you need a boost I highly recommend Mind Body Blast.

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Joan's Boomer Blog

A six week program, with lots of information and support, is a good way to launch lifelong wellness changes in your life, to decrease stress, increase energy, lose some weight and tone some muscles.

The idea of making healthy changes in your life is to realize that in the process you’re giving up your old unhealthy ways and embracing something new, different and better.  In the end you’ll likely lose weight, feel more energetic and be much healthier.

Luci Gabel, the creator and facilitator of The Mind Body Blast has an extensive nutritional background as well as an impressive assortment of fitness certifications, a master’s degree in exercise physiology from the University of Maryland (UMD) and a master’s in business management from John Hopkins’ University. All of this points to the fact that her health and fitness program is based on sound research and not fad diets or workouts.

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