We’re taking small steps that add up to giant leaps in weight loss, fitness and health.

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we’re live, weekly, on the online video chats for camaraderie, support and motivation- Sundays at 5:30pm PST/8:30pm EST starting February 21.

Can’t make the chat? You’ll still get tons out of the course and you can watch the replay and talk about the meeting topics in the forum.

Send me any questions you want answered beforehand so I can be sure to cover them.

Week 1

Ramp up your exercise in a way that works for your body, according to your fitness level, and feel how great it is to move more.
Develop some simple mindfulness practices around food.


Week 2  

Exercise your abdominals for a strong, sleek core and a healthy back.
Increase the amount of healthy phytochemicals that you eat and boost the satisfaction you get with every meal.

Week 3

Develop strong, fit legs and glutes and protect your hips and knees while you’re doing it.
Modify your sweet tooth without feeling deprived.

Week 4 

Understand how much protein you need to eat, and get creative about your protein sources.
Exercise in a way that burns more calories.

Week 5 

Create toned, sexy arms.
Develop a mindset that supports long- term success.
Explore the right carbohydrate balance for you.

Week 6 

Life is a balancing act, and balance can be evasive sometimes. Practice the balance of life, exercise, and food, in a healthy way that’s sustainable.

Week 7

Understand healthy meal planning.
Bump up your workout another notch if you’re ready!

Week 8

Last push! And then – Celebrate together!
Solidify your healthy habits so you can keep them going for the long run and let us all help you to acknowledge all that you’ve accomplished.

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