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Lose the weight, look and feel great for the rest of your life.


Are You Too Busy to Exercise and Eat Right?

Can’t figure out how to fit it into your schedule?

Are You Tired of Insane Diet and Exercise Programs?

Feeling exhausted, beat-up, and hungry?

Is Your Current Diet and Exercise Plan Based on Random Information from Magazines and Friends?

Making you a little unsure about whether what you’re doing is actually working?


You’re trying to get fit and healthy, but it’s not working out exactly the way you thought it would.

You need a healthy diet and exercise program that’s LIFESTYLE friendly and fits into your LIFE.



” In terms of fitness, I can’t believe what can be achieved with exercises that take minutes. I would always think to myself, “That’s it?? How can that make a difference?…Thanks to this class, I am the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life! …The changes were not only helpful for me, but for my entire family including my small children.”

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“I lost a total of 30 pounds while taking Mind Body Blast. The great thing is that I’ve continued to lose weight and get stronger just by keeping up the routines I established there….People tell me I look 15 years younger..”


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Join Mind Body Blast Today

Lose the weight, look and feel great for the rest of your life.


After Mind Body Blast You Will:


BulletGreenBe able to choose foods that are healthy, delicious, and right for your body

no-matter where you are (at home, at a restaurant, or in a different country) without being tied to a computer program or a diet plan.

BulletGreen Say goodbye forever to unreasonable exercise programs

and beating yourself up (both mentally and physically).

BulletGreenHave simple, healthy lifestyle habits that work

and last through all your life changes.

BulletGreenHave an expert coach guiding you all the way through

leading you in the small steps that make a BIG difference.

BulletGreenAt a price you can afford





Hi, I’m Luci, your coach in Mind Body Blast. I’m also the founder of LuciFit, LLC, a company that helps executives, entrepreneurs and otherwise busy people create sound and lasting fitness and health habits.

I speak from experience when I teach clients how to be healthy even while over-scheduled and juggling many things at once. After acquiring two masters’ degrees at the same time, spearheading two start-up businesses, holding senior-level management positions at high-end fitness club/spas, all while maintaining my own peak levels of fitness (to include competing in triathlons and getting a black belt in Tae Kwon Do) I share a unique perspective on business, busy-ness, and how to stay healthy.

In this class, I condensed my expertise in fitness and nutrition, my own success in staying fit, and my success in working with countless people like yourself, to create an accellerated program that will help you put into practice the components of a diet and exercise plan that work in real life, and work long-term.

In just 6 weeks by following my lead you will ramp up your exercise, clean up your diet, and have a better mind-body connection to healthy habits that fit your own body’s needs, fit into your busy life, and can last a lifetime. All of this for just a fraction of what you’d pay for 6-weeks of private coaching sessions in any other format.

Join Mind Body Blast Today

Lose the weight, look and feel great for the rest of your life.


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How does it work?


BulletGreenIt’s a dynamic and supportive lifestyle makeover.

In 6 weeks, you’ll learn how to make better decisions about diet, get the best results from your exercise, and cultivate a stronger mind-body connection, all with the guidance of a professional coach and support of your peers.

BulletGreenYou’ve got a real-live coach.

Even though we’re online you’ll ask questions, get answers, and get lots of support. We’ve got live, online, face-to-face chats, and a private forum where you can communicate 24/7. You’ll get plenty of helpful tools (videos, charts, recipes, checklists) and guidance on how to use them, so you can reach your goals successfully – and keep on going – even after class is over.

BulletGreenWe take a small-step approach.

You’ll tackle one change to your diet and exercise program and practice a little mind-body connection each week. Every week we build onto what you’ve done the week before, so in 6 weeks you’ll have some new healthy habits and make some big changes in your health and fitness just by putting one foot in front of the other.

BulletGreen This class fits your schedule.

Simply log on to the private site -anytime of the day or night- and get all that you need. Play the podcasts and videos, and get my information and motivation when it suits you. After that, all you need to do is follow my lead to success.

BulletGreenYou’re in good company.

Communicate with peers on the forum any time of the day or night on the private forum. (You might even meet an accountability partner.) We’ve got live chat sessions where you can ask questions, talk with your classmates, and get motivated. We’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.

BulletGreenIt’s not a diet.

You’ll learn how to eat like a fit person: eat more, not less of the right stuff so you feel satisfied & energized all day.

BulletGreenIt’s not an unreasonable exercise program.

You’ll learn how to minimize time and maximize results from your exercise program – so you’ll have more time and energy to do the things you love. It doesn’t matter what activities you prefer, when we’re finished you’ll be doing more than you did eight weeks before, and loving it!




She broke everything down into tiny little steps that I could actually do each week. I was making changes without even realizing I was doing it. And the support of Luci and the other members of my class over the six week period helped keep me on track.

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Mind Body Blast GinnyI didn’t appreciate how much exercise I could do at home, on my own. I felt my health and my physical condition both improve. I sleep better, I can tolerate higher levels of activity and I’ve lost weight and body fat.


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What will You Get?


A Reasonable Exercise Plan that Works, and Fits into Your Life


You’ll have simple, effective exercise practices that fit comfortably into your schedule.

You’ll know how to exercise to pursue better health, combat disease, fight aging, be full of energy, and look and feel your best. And these are principles that will serve you for the rest of your life.

You’ll learn how to exercise in a way that you don’t waste time or energy, and you get the most out of the time you spend. You’ll also find that exercise doesn’t have to be unpleasant to be effective, and doesn’t need to leave you tired and spent.

Already working with a trainer? No problem – this class will help you to help yourself when you’re not with your trainer.

If you like another exercise video or platform (P90x, Biggest Loser, Insanity), that’s fine! I’ll help you to use it more, and enjoy it!


Freedom with Food


You’ll be able to make healthy and delicious food choices, so you can get more antioxidant-rich, superfoods into your daily routine, and cut down on the junk.

You’ll find that eating healthy doesn’t have to leave you hungry and you can go to parties, have dinner out with friends, and go on vacation without losing ground, and without being tied to a computer program or an app.

You’ll be able to eat more not less, feel satisfied and not gain weight.

You’ll have a diet that’s much, much healthier – and still something you’ll enjoy – wherever you are, whatever your schedule!


A Stronger Sense of What Your Body Needs


You’ll finally begin to tune in to what your body is really asking for regarding food and exercise, and have a much better sense of how you can take the best care of yourself.


orange_arrow_2 $3,000 Worth of Personalized Services for

For: $850 or less orange_arrow_2-1

Eight weeks of live diet and exercise guidance, daily e-mails and follow-up, eight graduated nutrition and exercise programs, and unlimited access to me and my tested techniques – purchased individually – would add up to an investment of over $3,000. In this online class, you’re getting that value for only $850, and less if you register early.

Join Mind Body Blast Today

Lose the weight, look and feel great for the rest of your life.


What do you need to participate?

The ability to listen to podcasts, watch videos, and get e-mails from your computer, iPad / Tablet, or phone.


You’ll love this class if :

  • You want to design a healthy lifestyle that fits your schedule
  • You want to learn an adaptable a program that will last a lifetime and change with your life
  • You want an expert coach helping you with make healthy decisions that are right for YOU
  • You like the convenience of an online class
  • You’re ready to start making changes NOW



You CAN be optimally fit without giving up the life that you love.

You don’t have to give up entire food groups, or the foods you love, to stay in shape. You can go to parties, have dinner out with friends, and go on vacation without gaining weight. You’ll get a taste of how good you can feel when you’re giving your body the right stuff in terms of exercise and food. You may even find that your life is better than you ever thought it could be!



teal_double_stickerIf you’re on the fence, don’t worry. If you fully participated in the course with nutrition, exercise and all of the other offerings and don’t feel you’ve gotten any value out of it, I’ll give you your money back.

There’s nothing to lose – but a little extra weight!

Join Mind Body Blast Today

Lose the weight, look and feel great for the rest of your life.


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